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Shower Melts • Air (Eucalyptus, Menthol, Mint-Based Oils)

Shower Melts • Air (Eucalyptus, Menthol, Mint-Based Oils)

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Take a mini spa-cation without leaving the house with our NEW Nseya Aromatherapy Shower Melts. All you need is yourself... and a shower! 

The cocktail of aromas that we chose to represent our first element, Air, is perfect for inducing a feeling of awakening and refreshment. Intoxicate your senses with the cooling smell of menthol crystal, purifying eucalyptus, and mint-based oils. This unique tried-and-tested blend will rejuvenate you from the inside by making it irresistible to let your mind enjoy the present moment. With little preparation and our shower melts, you can experience the feeling of retreat without even leaving your home.

Perfect for: detoxifying, opening up the sinuses, clearing the mind, boosting creativity and energizing.

1 box contains 6 shower steamers. 

Each shower steamer tablet lasts approximately 1 shower.


THIS IS NOT A BATH BOMB - here's why: 

The scents used in shower steamers are highly concentrated to provide you with that blissful aromatherapy experience; if used in direct contact with the skin, the oils can (and will likely) irritate it. Don't do it!



Fire up your shower with hot water. Let it steam up. Place one shower melt tablet on your shower floor, or on our shower tray and let the invigorating eucalyptus vapour fill the air, open your sinuses, and clear your mind! Place it where the water isn't hitting it directly so it doesn't dissipate immediately. Make sure the shower melt is close enough to be exposed to water droplets (which activate the aromas), while also being far enough to not be directly under the shower stream.


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About This Collection

"My mission was to create a unique way to embrace and appreciate a common everyday activity - showering. With Nseya Shower Melts, you can intoxicate your senses and take a mini spa-cation to relax, get grounded, and honour yourself."

- Ariane, Founder