Our Elixirs ✨✨✨

Our Elixirs ✨✨✨

Elixir: A magical or medicinal potion; A natural resource supposedly able to prolong life indefinitely, a cure to all.

I started creating these elixirs while recovering from a freak car accident. I found myself searching for immense relief that was natural and nourishing. 

Our elixirs are artisanal healing potions, lovingly made in Canada in very small batches. All of our elixirs are made with magical herbal plants infused with a collection of luxurious, clean, natural high grade ingredients to soothe and alleviate deep pain, aches and nourish your skin.

They are conceived with love and honey to keep you living for gold moments.I

I want you to feel like a superstar because of how good you feel without breaking the bank. A little goes a long way with these therapeutics massage in a bottle. I can’t wait for you to experiece these artisanal healing potions, lovingly made in Canada.

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